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Training & Capacity Building

The Technology Training and Resource Centres(TTRC)setup by Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan have been providing an opportunity for the Farmers as well as Development Workers to enhance their knowledge related to Rural Development. Those centres have been recognized very well by the NGOs as well as Government Institutions at the state level.

During 2014-15,TTRC of Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan based at Bilenjore, Khariar, Balipada and Paikmal have added several activities related to promotion of Sustainable Agriculture. In all the TTRC, demonstration of vegetable cultivation has been taken up and the TTRC have sold vegetable spawn and seedlings, mushroom seeds, fingerlings etc. to the local farmers. The TTRCs have been used by various Voluntary Organizations as well as Government Institutions to run their training programmes.

TTRC-Bhawanipatna,Kalahandi has conducted 39 trainingprogrammes of 85 days covering 1108 participants from NGOs, Government & various Bilateral Agencies like Care India, IPE Global, CWS, Chetna Organic etc. Government programmes like ICDS training, ASHA Training are also conducted at the Training Centre.
Last year, Training Centres at Khariar, Bilenjore and Paikmal have played a key role in promoting Mushroom cultivation in Nuapada and Bargarh districts. All the Training Centres specially the one at Balipada in Kalahandi district have made remarkable achievements in supply of Vermi Compost to Farmers and various NGOs who have taken up its production at their own places.

The TTRC Khariar, Bilenjore and Balipada have also produced 80 M.Tof Vermi Compost which is supplied to local farmers at reasonable price. TTRC Balipada has also produced Neem Oil cake and Neem Oil which is being supplied to a number of NGOs and government programmes at reasonable prices.
All the TTRCs of Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan are being visited by Farmers and Social Workers from various Voluntary Organizations and Government Institutions from within and outside the state.