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Promotion of Millets Cultivation

Drought and Millet crops in Western Odisha

This year During the Kharif season there has been unprecedented deficit of rainfall. The paddy crops have been already badly affected. However it is a solace to the farmers that those who have grown millets are a bit lucky. Millet crops does not require much rain. Rather heavy rain during July and August badly affect millet crops. Hence those farmers are happy by seeing at least the well grown Millet Crops.


Gurjee (Little Millet) crop of Nilahati of village Pajibahali (Narla block). Little millet is harvested within 60 days of sowing and hence it is one of the most liked crop for the poorer farmers who cannot wait for long.

Line Transplantation of RAGI following System of Millet Intensification (SMI) by Suratha Bhoi of village Palam in Narla block. Through SMI the productivity of Ragi goes up and also it becomes easier to use cycle weeder.

Training to farmers in improved Agronomic Practices in Millet Cultivation is important. SVA regularly conducts such trainings in it’s own Training centres as well as at village level. SVA also conducts training in value addition of millets.

14.08.21 Photographs (1) A two days non residential training on value addition of millets being conducted on 13th and 14th August 2021 at SVA Training Centre, Balipada, Dt. Kalahandi.

Photo (2) Women holding the banner (14.08.21)

Uprooting Ragi seedlings for transplantation farmer Rajaram Majhi of village Baddharpur.

Millet Cultivation For Health And Nutrition

SVA with financial support from Government of Odisha, has been promoting Millet Cultivation in Narla and Sinapali blocks of Kalahandi and Nuapada districts respectively. This year the target is to work with 1000 tribal farmers but eventually the numbers is to increase in the coming years.

For this programme WASAN – a support NGO based in Hyderabad is providing technical support and at the district level ATMA (a unit of Agriculture Department) is providing extension support to the farmers. This year the major thrust has been to introduce line sowing of Ragi and Finger Millets along with System of Millet Intensification (SMI)