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Good Gift Programme


With financial support from Charity Advisory Trust of G.B. under the programme of Good Gift, Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan has taken up the following activities.

  1. Provision of Lamb, Ewe and Virile Ram to 60 beneficiaries in Narla and Sinapali blocks.
  2. Support to 292 beneficiaries for Duckery and Poultry
  3. Provision of Onion rack storage 4 nos capacity 25mt. each
  4. Installation of Oil Expellers and food processing units 4 numbers

This programme has directly helped 485 economically weaker households to supplement their income. When the Onion price in the market falls, because of the rack storage system the beneficiaries could store the Onions and sell it at a better rate when the market price is high. Due to Duckery and Poultry activities, the beneficiaries are able to earn an average of Rs-12000/- to Rs-18000/- annually besides getting Eggs & Chicken for their self-consumption.