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Gender Policy

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Even though women constitute fifty percent of our population and play a major role in nurturing our society it is a fact that our society has been discriminating them and they have been subjected to inhuman treatment for ages. Discrimination against women is one of the heinous crime prevailing in our society, world over and obviously it is impeding process of human development. No sustainable development can be possible unless this discriminatory practice is wiped out at all level.

In our country and our region while addressing to the issue of Social Justice or Economic Justice, the foremost issue that emerge is the gender justice. Unless the issue of gender is addressed it will not be possible to achieve any positive result on any other issue concerning justice and development. Fortunately, during last few decades all over the world there have been growing movements to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination and it gives us hope for establishment of a justful society in the near future.

Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan, which works mostly with the marginalized sections of the society such as Dalit, Tribals, Small and Marginal farmers as well as landless Agricultural workers has been addressing to the issue of justice from it’s very inception. Regarding addressing to the issue of gender discrimination, SVA has been constantly making efforts to improve it’s effectiveness and quality of the intervention. SVA has been open to learn from the experience and work of other like minded organizations and thus it has been also constantly making endeavour to improve the quality of it’s work. During the past several years, SVA had formulated several policy guidelines from time to time but they were not put into a consolidated and compiled form . Hence this document has been prepared by compiling such papers so that it will be used by the members, staff and volunteers as a guideline in management of all the programmes from time to time with a gender perspective. This paper also contains a few basic information so as to help the readers to understand the issue and the movement that has been going on at various level all over the world. It is hoped that this paper will be useful to everyone associated with SVA and contribute towards attaining our goal of a society free from hunger, poverty and injustice. As mentioned earlier, SVA has been always open to learning’s and in this process SVA will be constantly upgrading it’s policies so as to make itself more useful and effective.